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Tilting and Shifting

I’m playing with a technique called tilt-shift which uses selective focus to create the impression of a miniature world. The below photos were accomplished through layer masks in Photoshop because I don’t have a couple thousand dollars just laying around to go spend on an actual tilt-shift lens. This effect is pretty intoxicating though I don’t know if I could justify buying the lens when I can do the same thing through Photoshop. Though if I did have the lens, it would be really fun to create a video! There are some amazing videos on YouTube using tilt-shift lenses. It’s worth a look.


A princess through 50mm

I spent last night playing with an EF 50mm f/1.2 L. I realize that’s probably gibberish to most people but to me it’s enough to get me all drooly and twitterpated. Luckily I had a willing subject to point it at. Prehaps someday I’ll actually spring for one of my own, but until then the lovely folks at have lent me one to fall in love with.


Spring Has Finally Arrived!

After a loooong drawn out, bitter cold winter we’ve finally begun to see the first signs of Spring. Aubrey and I took advantage of the warmer than usual weather this weekend and played in the yard. We did some sidewalk chalk drawings but mainly we just ran around the yard playing with sticks, because really, who needs store bought toys of any kind when you have a yard full of sticks?!

Judging from the look on Aubrey’s face it would appear I haven’t had my camera out much these days. I guess I can take a hint.


A Mishmash of Pictures

Because I’m slightly under the weather, it’s cold outside and I don’t have much to write about…

“Show me your teeth Aubrey.”


365 Project

I figure if I put it in writing then my chances of actually following through with it increase. I want to do a 365 photo project this year and I want to start it on Aubrey’s birthday. Basically I take at least one photo every day for one year. Not every 365 project has to have a particular subject matter. It’s really just meant to push your creativity and find new ways to look at every day things and improve as a photographer. In my case I am going to try to do two of these projects simultaneously.

I want to capture a picture of Aubrey every day from her 2nd birthday all the way until she turns three. Obviously I won’t STOP taking pictures of her after she turns three, in case you were worried. While taking pictures of Aubrey though I also want to do a generic 365 project. My hope is to both document Aubrey’s growth as well as improve my portrait and general photo techniques.

I’m pretty excited to get started. If I pull it off it will be really fun to look back on a year from now.


Babies Are The Best

I just love taking pictures of babies! There is no pretense, no posing, no fake smiles; just pure honesty.



My photography obsession is going really well lately. I opened an account with a company who handles all of my online proofing, color correction, printing, shipping and payment processing which takes a ton of the work off of my shoulders and has actually increased my profits by more than 50%. I have also joined a local group of professional photographers that I found through this company. The group meets monthly and shares tips, stories and basically learns from one another to become better in our field. Our last meeting we had a guest speaker from a wholesale frame company based in Alabama called Wild Sorbet. I can’t even begin to describe how inspirational it was to hear how the company started and how realistic it is that these frames will help me sell more of my photographs.

These frames are so darn cute I couldn’t help but order some for myself. I haven’t received them yet but they are going to be a focal point of my redecoration of Aubrey’s room. I have a plan to redo her room for her 2nd birthday and we will be converting her crib to a ‘big girl’ bed. Her crib has bed rails to create a full size bed using the front and back sides of the crib as the headboard and foot-board.

A few months ago I assigned myself a project to take pictures of objects I found that resembled the letters in Aubrey’s name. My end goal was to frame each letter individually and hang them on her wall. These frames were just icing on the cake. Unfortunately they don’t really have an online catalog to show you what the frames look like so you’ll have to wait until I put them up and take a picture. I’m so excited! I don’t know if I will be able to wait until February!



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