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The ABC’s You Wish You Knew

Aubrey has been learning new things by leaps and bounds since starting preschool two weeks ago. She absolutely adores her teacher but she unfortunately credits Ms. Shayla with teaching her the alphabet song. This is unfortunate because, well…it’s not the alphabet you remember.

To the tune of ABC’s (which also happens to be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)…

A  U  B

A  F  G

Q  U  X

E  U  B



W  X

A  U  B

*repeat 2,700 times


Versatile Armpits and Other Colloquialisms

While changing for bed one night.
Aubrey:   You got BIG armpits!
Me:   [confusedly point to my armpit] I have big armpits?
Aubrey:   No those. [points to my chest]


While at dinner with several family members including my sister-in-law’s little brother Jordan fresh out of Army training.
Aubrey:   You got big armpits.
I giggle thinking she’s telling Jordan he has big boobs that she can see thanks to his ‘stylish’ removal of his t-shirt sleeves.
Jordan:   What Aubrey?
Aubrey:   [points to Jordan’s bicep]
At this point she removes her jacket to show off her own ‘armpits’. When Jordan asks her to flex for him she nonchalantly raises her arm in the classic flexing pose and flips her hair with her hand.
Lord help us.


Following any suggestion Aubrey makes.
Aubrey:   That be idea?


Every weekend morning.
Aubrey:   [whispering] G’morning Mommy.
Me:   [groan and open one eye to see what time it is] G’morning Auby.
Aubrey:   Look! The light is out. [gesturing to the morning sun in the window] That’s why it’s morning time!!


Concerning almost anything new. Objects, places, experiences, etc.
Aubrey: I so eh-cited!!!


Aubrey:   Otay.


Concerning her hair in various circumstances.
Aubrey:   [combing her tangled hair with her fingers] I making my hair byooful Mom. It so byooful?

Grandma:   Come on Aubrey, let’s go take a bath.
Aubery:   But I jus tate a bath last night I did.
Grandma:   Well we take baths in the morning too. Besides your hair [gets cut off by Aubrey raising her hand in exasperation]
Aubrey:   I know. It’s so wyold.

Aubrey:   [while having her hair straightened one morning for school] My hair so warm and soft! But not dis side. It’s jus wyold. You maytit byooful Mom?


Arriving home from work.
Aubrey:   [following big hugs] You miss you durl?


Chocolate milk vs. Milk.
Aubrey:   I wan chotet milt. I no want milt in it. I jus wan chotet milt.
Me:   Aubrey, you have to have milk to make chocolate milk.
Aubrey:   Yeah but I no wan milt. Jus put chotet milt in my tup.

Daddy:   Aubrey, you want some chocolate milk?
Aubrey:   No! You mate milt. Mom mates chotet milt. [apparently the ratio of chocolate syrup to milk is critical]


Concerning death.
Aubrey:   [out of the blue to her day care provider] You mom die?
Lisa:   Yeah she did.
Aubrey:   [after a short moment of silence] It be otay. I getchu a new one.


Hello Again Easter

We spent Easter with family and friends gathered at my mother-in-law’s house. I arrived early to help prepare food and Brandon was set to the task of hiding eggs outside for all the kids. We were very fortunate that the rain they’d been calling for all week held off until after nightfall so the kids got to play outside, have an egg hunt and the ‘big kids’ flew kites for a few hours. Then as is tradition, we closed out the day playing a game around the patio table. The game of choice was Catch Phrase and it turned out to be a ton of fun for everyone who played and even for those who preferred to observe.

It was a nice day. We had some excellent food and the kids got a lot of good candy which all the parents will be pilfering I’m sure. 🙂

Easter Egg Drop 1 year ago - April 3, 2010

Who dresses this child?! Oh right, she does.


Bubble Yasses and Water Binkies

Aubrey loves streaming various animated shows on my phone using the Netflix app. It began with Dora and Diego. Much to my surprise it branched out into a love of Futurama. I didn’t realize it at first but in the car one day in a quiet moment between songs on the radio I heard the familiar voices of Fry and Leela.

She has watched quite a few episodes at this point and while I don’t know how much she understands of what is going on, something she said to me on the way to day care one morning made it clear that she is creating her own logical explanations of what she is seeing.

She has been under the weather off and on this month. She had a cold followed by a few good days, then pink eye and just as that is clearing up she appears to be suffering from some terrible allergies.

Earlier this week on our morning drive to day care she appeared to be in a fog of sleep and congested malaise. I glanced at her several times expecting to find her back asleep because she had been so silent and bleary eyed. Out of the blue she calls to me from the back seat to say, “I need bubble yasses.”

“You need bubble glasses?!” I replied thoroughly confused and quite surprised by her unexpected demand.

“Yeah. So I can see. And a water binkie and the bubbles come out. That way the water not get in my mouth. But first I need a swimming suit!”

LOL “What?!”

“I can’t go under the water without a swimming suit! That be silly!”

I started piecing things together at this point and began playing along. She had seen characters on an episode of Futurama scuba diving and had been mulling over what she had watched who knows how long ago. Not knowing what things were called she used things in her world that she was familiar with to explain what she was seeing. The goggles were clearly glasses shaped like bubbles and what else could a regulator be than a fancy binkie for keeping water out of ones’ mouth while under water?

I just love how her brain works!! She lights up my world.


I Like The Boys

I have told most of my family this story but it’s one of those things I need to get in writing for posterity’s sake. A few weeks ago Bran and I were riding in his truck having a conversation and out of the blue Auby pipes up and says, “Hey Daddy?”
“Yeah Auby?”
“I like the boys.”
“I like boys Daddy.”

Oh lord help us!



Aubrey is going through such an amazing and fun stage of her life right now. Her vocabulary is exploding and she is finally able to put into words the many things going through her head at any given moment. She is also able to make it evident that her memory is AMAZING. It is going on two weeks since I was in LA and she still occasionally asks me when she sees a plane in the sky, “Mom go in a pane?”

On Saturday we took her to the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit at Union Station. She was both enthralled and terrified of the entire experience. She had a death grip around my mom’s neck the entire time and if Aubrey felt that her mom or her grandma were getting too close to the moving, growling monsters she was quick to tell us that. “It no eat you Mom! I save you!”

Given her overall quiet and obviously nervous demeanor throughout the entire exhibit I didn’t think we would be doing anything like that again any time soon, however on Sunday night she turns to me out of the blue and says, “I see dinosaurs! You see dinosaurs wif me Mom?” Then again on Monday, in the car on the way to day care she sleepily rubbed her eyes and asked, “We go Yamma’s house?” “No we’re not going to Grandma’s, we going to day care.” “I go see dinosaurs?” It seems the IDEA of dinosaurs is incredibly appealing to her. She appears to have forgotten that pesky REALITY that she’s scared of them.

This morning is what really blew me away.

We’ve been working on getting her back into a routine of some sort. Until recently she has stayed up with us until we were ready for bed and then we all snuggled into the same bed. I know that it is generally frowned upon to let a toddler sleep with their parent but I get so little time with my daughter during the week that quite frankly, I couldn’t care less what some self-important child psychologist author or anyone else thinks. Every child and every parent-child relationship is unique so if my bonding time with my child means she shares/slowly steals my pillow at night then so be it. Tangent aside, we have been working on getting her back to sleeping in her own bed simply because we’re hoping for kiddo number two soon and it will be easier if she is already broken of the habit of sleeping with us by then.

So last night I laid down with Aubrey in her bed just long enough for her to fall asleep. Unfortunately I am physically incapable of staying awake with her slow quiet breathing hypnotizing me. Brandon came in to wake me up around 11:30 and I stumbled into our room to finish the night.

Typically when we attempt this routine, around 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning Aubrey will wake up and make her way into our bed on her own. I didn’t sleep well last night waiting for that to happen, but it didn’t.

After a few dozen passes on the snooze button I got up and got ready for work. As I finished drying my hair I heard Aubrey start crying in her room. When I opened the door, smiling, ready to say ‘Good morning Beautiful!’ I was greeted with a crocodile tear streaked face and an angry exclamation of, “You left! You left me!”

I felt so bad! I tried to convince her that I just stepped out to dry my hair but her expression told me she didn’t believe me.

I got her dressed and we went to the kitchen to get her some chocolate milk, Cheerios and gummy bear vitamins. Generally I have all this prepared for her before I wake her up so she never sees the preparation process. I typically take some cereal and a travel coffee cup full of milk to work in the mornings so when she saw my travel cup next to her cup she says, “What’s that?” “That’s for Mommy’s drink.” “Mommy wan chodit milk?” “Sort of.”

I poured whole milk into her cup and as I was returning it to the fridge to grab skim milk for myself she yells, “Hey! What about you chodit milk Mom?” Talk about observant.

As I was explaining to her that I drink different milk than she does she asks, “Where Daddy?” “Daddy’s still in bed.” “Daddy not in bed!” “Yes he is sweetie.” “No. Daddy not come to bed last night. Daddy go buh bye.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Her logic was flawless. Daddy, in fact, did not lay down in her bed last night so naturally he could not still be in bed if he was never there to begin with.

What else is going on in that head of hers that I have yet to find out about? With the amount of documentaries she watches with her dad it’s likely something like quantum mechanics and string theory….oh lordy I can’t wait for those conversations!


Outdated Pictures

I noticed my little point and shoot digital camera that I keep in my purse was on today. I must have somehow hit the power button while digging through there and when I pulled it out I was greeted by images of Aubrey during a trip to a place called Wonderscope. It’s a building that used to be a school house and has since been converted into an attraction for children. Each ex-classroom is filled with activities for specific age groups. The 2 and under room was nothing but ramps, steps, slides, hills and tunnels. Of course she loved it and we spent several hours there that day. Looking at these pictures it’s amazing how much she has grown in two months though.

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