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Welcoming Spring

It was such a beautiful weekend that Aubrey and I couldn’t resist a trip to the park. The gorgeous weather combined with her new affinity for picking out her own outfits mandated the camera join us for some fun.



Spring Has Finally Arrived!

After a loooong drawn out, bitter cold winter we’ve finally begun to see the first signs of Spring. Aubrey and I took advantage of the warmer than usual weather this weekend and played in the yard. We did some sidewalk chalk drawings but mainly we just ran around the yard playing with sticks, because really, who needs store bought toys of any kind when you have a yard full of sticks?!

Judging from the look on Aubrey’s face it would appear I haven’t had my camera out much these days. I guess I can take a hint.


365 Fail

Well less than a week into my 365 project I have failed. I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to find time to take at least one interesting photo of Aubs and one interesting photo of anything EVERY DAY. It turns out I have even less free time than I once thought I did.

I’m a horrible procrastinator when it comes to actually getting out of bed in the morning which leaves me absolutely no extra time to spend taking pictures in the morning. The few pictures I have gotten in the mornings have been blind shots from the front seat at Aubrey in her carseat. Oh so unique and interesting… When I get home at night it’s nearly dark, not to mention the fact that it’s below freezing with ice and snow on the ground which isn’t exactly the best environment to take a toddler out into for a photo session. That leaves me with the less than ideal lighting inside the house and considering we spend the majority of our time in the basement family room I’m left with a lot of yellow toned, poorly exposed shots.

All excuses aside, 365 projects are a lot harder than they sound. Never the less, I’m not ready to abandon it entirely. I will still make a concerted effort at picking up my camera every day. I may not walk away with a single decent shot but at least I’m spending more time doing what I love. Better to have a hundred “meh” shots than a camera collecting dust.

Here are a few shots from my day working from home yesterday. Those of you who follow this blog regularly know how much I love working from home.

Stay away from my Emmies Mom


A Mishmash of Pictures

Because I’m slightly under the weather, it’s cold outside and I don’t have much to write about…

“Show me your teeth Aubrey.”

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