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Tilting and Shifting

I’m playing with a technique called tilt-shift which uses selective focus to create the impression of a miniature world. The below photos were accomplished through layer masks in Photoshop because I don’t have a couple thousand dollars just laying around to go spend on an actual tilt-shift lens. This effect is pretty intoxicating though I don’t know if I could justify buying the lens when I can do the same thing through Photoshop. Though if I did have the lens, it would be really fun to create a video! There are some amazing videos on YouTube using tilt-shift lenses. It’s worth a look.


A princess through 50mm

I spent last night playing with an EF 50mm f/1.2 L. I realize that’s probably gibberish to most people but to me it’s enough to get me all drooly and twitterpated. Luckily I had a willing subject to point it at. Prehaps someday I’ll actually spring for one of my own, but until then the lovely folks at have lent me one to fall in love with.


New Photo Techniques

I mentioned I spent some time in New York last week and while I was there I decided to try my hand at a new photography technique that is still evolving. It’s called HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. It involves taking several exposures of the same scene and combining them in post processing to create an image far more vibrant and interesting than any one image can capture by itself.

I can already feel the addiction to HDR forming and this was only my first attempt. You can see more of my photos by clicking on the “Sarah Johnson Photography” link on the right or the Flickr photostream.

By the way I will be posting more pics of the kiddo soon. I have a lot of photos from our trip to Iowa over the weekend to meet the extended family and great-grandparents. She was a huge hit. In fact my grandma was hoping for bad weather the day I was going to head home so she could keep us/Aubrey. She sure is a lovable kid.

IMG_6463 1


He has his father’s chin

This is wild!!

Family Tree

This is an art project. Photos were taken of family members and printed at equal sizes, torn in half and pieced together. It is amazing to see the resemblances between generations! I really want to remember to do this when Aubrey is a bit older. I can clearly see features of myself and Brandon in her, but to see them displayed the way this artist did it would be so interesting!

On a somewhat related and yet off topic note; I’m splurging on a new camera this weekend!!! I absolutely love my Canon 20D which has served me very well for the past 5 years, but I am finding it just isn’t quite up to snuff for the things I am shooting on a more frequent basis these days. I will also be saving for a Canon EF 16-35mm 2.8/f II USM lens. Very few can understand my excitement over this, but those that do have no doubt swooned over their own camera purchases in the past. What is this new camera you ask? The Canon 5D Mark II. Not only is it a wonderful camera, but by sticking with Canon I can still use all of my lenses that I have purchased for my 20D. It’s like being a kid again waiting for Christmas morning!

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