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Versatile Armpits and Other Colloquialisms

While changing for bed one night.
Aubrey:   You got BIG armpits!
Me:   [confusedly point to my armpit] I have big armpits?
Aubrey:   No those. [points to my chest]


While at dinner with several family members including my sister-in-law’s little brother Jordan fresh out of Army training.
Aubrey:   You got big armpits.
I giggle thinking she’s telling Jordan he has big boobs that she can see thanks to his ‘stylish’ removal of his t-shirt sleeves.
Jordan:   What Aubrey?
Aubrey:   [points to Jordan’s bicep]
At this point she removes her jacket to show off her own ‘armpits’. When Jordan asks her to flex for him she nonchalantly raises her arm in the classic flexing pose and flips her hair with her hand.
Lord help us.


Following any suggestion Aubrey makes.
Aubrey:   That be idea?


Every weekend morning.
Aubrey:   [whispering] G’morning Mommy.
Me:   [groan and open one eye to see what time it is] G’morning Auby.
Aubrey:   Look! The light is out. [gesturing to the morning sun in the window] That’s why it’s morning time!!


Concerning almost anything new. Objects, places, experiences, etc.
Aubrey: I so eh-cited!!!


Aubrey:   Otay.


Concerning her hair in various circumstances.
Aubrey:   [combing her tangled hair with her fingers] I making my hair byooful Mom. It so byooful?

Grandma:   Come on Aubrey, let’s go take a bath.
Aubery:   But I jus tate a bath last night I did.
Grandma:   Well we take baths in the morning too. Besides your hair [gets cut off by Aubrey raising her hand in exasperation]
Aubrey:   I know. It’s so wyold.

Aubrey:   [while having her hair straightened one morning for school] My hair so warm and soft! But not dis side. It’s jus wyold. You maytit byooful Mom?


Arriving home from work.
Aubrey:   [following big hugs] You miss you durl?


Chocolate milk vs. Milk.
Aubrey:   I wan chotet milt. I no want milt in it. I jus wan chotet milt.
Me:   Aubrey, you have to have milk to make chocolate milk.
Aubrey:   Yeah but I no wan milt. Jus put chotet milt in my tup.

Daddy:   Aubrey, you want some chocolate milk?
Aubrey:   No! You mate milt. Mom mates chotet milt. [apparently the ratio of chocolate syrup to milk is critical]


Concerning death.
Aubrey:   [out of the blue to her day care provider] You mom die?
Lisa:   Yeah she did.
Aubrey:   [after a short moment of silence] It be otay. I getchu a new one.



Aubrey’s vocabulary seems to grow by leaps and bounds every day. I hear her babble to herself and her stuffed animals every day whether she is in her crib at bedtime, in the car, or playing during the day. She keeps amazing me with new comprehension of things I say to her as well. One day I could say, “Aubrey, do not throw your baby doll. Go pick it up right now.” And she would look at me with complete confusion and the next she responds with a face of defiance and grudgingly does as she is told. Somehow, overnight, those words took on meaning to her.

I have always heard that girls develop linguistic abilities at a faster rate than boys but to see it in action is truly amazing to watch. The video I linked to below just drives the point home. This little girl is so freakin’ cute. Her poor dad, boyfriend, husband….


You don’t say!

Aubrey is always in a good mood in the morning but sometimes she is extra goofy. I knew today would be one of her goofy days when I went in to wake her up this morning. She stood up immediately after I opened the door with the biggest smile on her face and her eyes were barely slit open, still droopy from sleep. She had a full blown giggle fit as I was backing out of the driveway. I’m not sure what was so funny but you would have thought I was tickling her to death!

She sang and talked to me the whole way to day care and then when we pulled into the driveway she had some parting words…


Everything starts with a D

Did you know that you can say pretty much anything with the letter “D”? I’m learning this as Aubrey practices talking.

On a side note, along with the letter “D” she has also mastered the various uses of the word “Yeah.” When we ask her questions she responds with, “Yeah.” If she wants to do something she knows she probably shouldn’t, like climb the stairs, she waits to make eye contact with me and asks, “Yeah?” If I say no she waits a few seconds and tries again.

The weekend before her birthday we were in the basement, as usual, and she was playing with the cap to my delicious coffee drink. “Dih”





Warning: Don’t remove something that is this much fun from her mouth just because you want a better picture.


Ok, she’s over it thanks to some one-on-one time with Dad. “Dada”



What’s over there? “Duhr.”


Oh! It’s a magazine! “Doy doy.”







Hey, I recognize that!


It’s a baby! “Daydee!”


Dada! Dih du dee dis daydee?


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