Water Baby

We first took Aubrey swimming when she was around 4 months old. She has always loved the water and her first winter didn’t diminish that love. In fact, I think it made her desire to swim even stronger.

She squirms and pushes away from Brandon and I when we hold her in the pool. We have tried showing her what will happen if she pushes us away by briefly letting her go under water. This doesn’t bother her in the least. We pick her up out of the water and she just smiles and keeps kicking her legs like she wants to take off swimming on her own.

We put her in water wings for the first time last week and it was amazing! Aubrey was instantly comfortable being on her own in the water. Of course Brandon and I stay within arms’ reach of her at all times, but she feels so independent without us holding on to her! She bobs for a while, relaxing with her ankles crossed like she is in some sort of armchair and then she will roll over on to her belly and kick like crazy in an attempt to swim away. You can see the joy and contentment on her face when she is in the water. She has this expression of concentration and determination when she is swimming too. She bites her lower lip and focuses on her destination while we propel her from behind to make her believe her disorganized kicks are getting her somewhere.

Of course her love of the water does have it’s terrifying drawbacks. She will jump off the side of the pool over an over into the waiting arms of her parents, which begs the question, would she still jump if we weren’t in the pool? Yes. I am confident that she would jump in if she was not being supervised. The idea of that scares the life out of me. She has no concept of fear and no sense of danger. She is a born dare devil and I predict a lot of gray hairs in my future.

In the mean time, we’ll just keep the gates around the pool locked and a close eye on our little Mer-baby.

Video montage coming soon!!! Check back later.

Checking Momo's temperature after swimming

Checking Momo's temperature after swimming


1 Response to “Water Baby”

  1. July 1, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    Your daughter must be my daughter’s alter ego. Skyler is the most cautious kid! She takes everything slow, to the point where she will sit down on her bottom to scoot over the threshold of the doorway instead of just stepping over it! And she’s very suspicious of swimming pools. We’re working on it though!

    Also, looking forward to the video montage! I’m super glad to have been “forced” to learn that so now I can use it on my blog as well just for our own enjoyment!

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