Nice grill. Did you steal it?

Brandon and I took his brother Alan and his wife Sarah to the Royals game on Saturday. We all piled into the Chevy Traverse along with everything I had gotten at the grocery store earlier that day in preparation for some tailgating before the game.

We left all the kids with my mom who got the first taste of what it would have been like if she had had more kids than just me. I think she really enjoyed the experience and she is so good with kids anyway it probably came naturally.

I guess my Grandma can hold another baby as long as I am close

I guess my Grandma can hold another baby as long as I am close

We got to the game a bit late so rather than head into the stadium we opted to eat first. I had gotten burgers, brats, hotdogs, buns, chips and a little $20 grill. I even remembered to buy charcoal and lighter fluid. The boys were in charge of loading the Traverse with everything. They grabbed the cooler and chairs, however they forgot one very important item…

Ouch! That's hot!

Ouch! That's hot!

Barbeque utensils.

They proceeded to try several solutions because as we all know, Johnsons aren’t quitters.

First, Alan tried flipping burgers with his bare hands but not being a seasoned charcoal using griller, he was unprepared for the heat.

Next came the styrofoam tray that had held the brats. Turns out styrofoam is neither heat resistant nor flame retardant.


It quickly began to melt.

Sarah brilliantly suggested crushing an empty beer can to make a spatula. Along with a little wet cardboard from the Coors Light box, we had some delicious food, minus the two brats and one hotdog that were flipped off the grill onto the ground during the various tool experimentation.


We did finally head into the stadium at the top of the 7th inning. It was a tie game all the way into the 9th inning when Kansas City decided to hand it over to the Chicago White Sox. So, after a quick and disappointing three innings we headed back out to the car.

Hmm, what's missing?

Hmm, what's missing?

We had left the grill out since the coals were still incredibly hot. Turns out someone wanted our grill so bad they were willing to deal with those hot coals. Oh well, I sure hope they get more use out of it than we did before someone steals it from them.

All in all it was a really fun night. We stayed in the parking lot of Kauffman Stadium talking late into the night. When we finally headed back to the house we were all hungry again. Too bad we didn’t have anything to cook those last hotdogs on…


1 Response to “Nice grill. Did you steal it?”

  1. 1 Carolyn
    June 2, 2009 at 4:46 pm

    Great picture of Grandma Gieseman!!!

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