A Dirty Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day weekend was great. Brandon, Aubrey and I spent the whole weekend hanging out at the house and working in the yard. We got SO much done, especially with the help of Brandon’s mom.

We went to a nursery right down the street from the house and bought a ton of plants. When I say a ton I mean it. We filled the back of the new car I’ve been driving (the Chevy Traverse) for the Mommy Madness KC promotion. It has been a blast to drive and we had no problem getting all the plants into the back of it. Aubrey did her fair share of helping to pick stuff out. Of course she did get distracted by some handsome lawn statues so I had to keep an eye on her to make sure we didn’t have a repeat make-out session.






Check out the back of the car!!


As most projects like this go, we realized we needed more. When we got home and started planting everything we began brainstorming about better, less ant infested ways of building retaining walls for the various flower beds around the house. At the moment, we had wooden ties that millions and billions of ants called Home Sweet Home. (On a side note: I HATE ANTS.) So on Sunday after breakfast (provided by my wonderful husband) we all piled into the car again and headed to Home Depot where we got a pallet of stones to build some retaining walls, sand, tools, outdoor furniture cushions, buckets and more plants. I don’t even want to know how much all of that weighed!! I do know we rode home a few inches closer to the ground than before! Check it out!


And if you can believe it, when we got home and opened the back door, Loeki (our fat beagle) jumped in and managed to worm his way past everything you see here to a comfortable spot on the driver’s seat where he spent the remainder of the day while his humans labored away. Brandon kept joking about how there are some mom’s out there who get pampered and don’t have to lift a finger on Mother’s Day and here I was covered in dirt and sweat but I couldn’t have been happier. Plus, my next “Mommy Mission” is to go get a free hour long massage at Massage Envy so how could I complain?!

The yard looks AWESOME!! It is so nice to finally have it looking presentable after over a year of not being touched. I had flowers and landscaping done the summer before Aubs was born but after she came along I was rendered pretty much useless when it came to yard work for that first summer. It drove me crazy, but all is right in the world now.

We finished planting just in time and we had a nice, gentle, soaking rain to close out the evening. What a great way to spend a Mother’s Day weekend.

Oh and if you haven’t already, go check out the videos on www.mommymadnesskc.com and if you live in the KC area don’t forget to vote! You could win a getaway to Tan-Tar-A Resort!


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