Soggy socks and nail polish

The beauty of being able to work from home on occasion is not only the fact that I get to sleep in and skip the morning commute, but I get to experience all the quirky things Aubrey does during the day. All too often she is winding down by the time I get home from work. Brandon and I have given names to Aubrey’s distinctly different personalities. “Angel baby” rapidly deteriorates into tired “demon baby” who wants to stay up and play with her toys despite the fact that every time she touches them she inexplicably wails in frustration because they have somehow been uncooperative. She will become frustrated when her riding toy doesn’t move on it’s own (she hasn’t grasped that she has to push off with her feet yet), or when she can’t pick up a toy because it is too heavy, and when she attempts to walk off with the PS3 controller that is still plugged into the charging cable and she reaches the end of the cord and can’t walk any further. These are all mini-nuclear meltdowns waiting to happen.

During the day however “angel baby” is present in all her goofy, quirky glory.

My Tuesday started at 7:45 am which was a wonderful welcome change from the usual 5:15 am. I logged into my work laptop and got Aubrey out of bed. We ate breakfast together and then headed into the basement so I could work at the computer desk and Aubs could play with all of her toys. She had fun pouring Gerber snack puffs all over the basement as she went from toy to toy. She did some dancing on her musical chair and covered every available inch of carpet with blocks, books, balls, bears (I didn’t plan the B’s they just happened), and noise making toys of every variety.

Around 11:30 Aubrey was rubbing her eyes so I decided to lay her down for a nap. When I returned to the basement I could hear her on the monitor singing to her stuffed animals. She proceeded to sing and talk to her stuffed animals for the next hour and a half before finally falling asleep! I would have brought her back to the basement but I was getting things done and she seemed content. Why rock the boat? Of course this pushed both of our schedules back and we had lunch around 2:30. After lunch she spent time digging through her favorite drawer in the kitchen that I have stocked with random, fun, safe items for her to play with. She brought out an old flip cell phone of mine which miraculously had enough battery power to turn on. She dialed a couple 2’s and hit the speaker phone button which was turned all the way up. Suddenly this booming recording of a man’s voice began speaking. “YOUR ACCOUNT CANNOT BE VALIDATED. PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE.” Aubrey threw the phone and crawled toward me at light speed looking back the whole time to make sure the phone wasn’t following her, all while screaming. I felt horrible for laughing but it was so freaking funny it brought me to tears. I picked her up right away and she was fine. I handed the phone back to her and she looked at me as if to say, “Did you get rid of the monster first?”

Around 4:00 I decided I would take a break and shower. I closed the bedroom door and left the door into the master bathroom open so Aubs had plenty of room to roam. I also piled several toys into the bathroom which she of course had no interest in playing with. I was not allowed to close the shower door for fear that I would somehow escape the bathroom without her knowledge so she stood in the doorway smiling up at me and coyly sticking her socked foot into the shower waiting for my reaction. I told her she needed to stay out of the shower because she still had her clothes on, not to mention a fresh diaper. I was satisfied that I had successfully conveyed that to her when I turned around to wash my face.  Thats when I heard the happy stomping of little feet behind me. She had climbed into the shower and was stomping around in her now very soggy socks.

“Oh well, I guess we’ll have to change your socks now.”

She then proceeded to walk around to the other side of the shower underneath the shower head. She leaned forward and walked into the stream of water and just stood there as it soaked her from head to toe. And that fresh diaper? Well it swelled up like an angry blowfish.

At this point I conceded defeat and stripped her down and let her play in the water. She had a blast but my ‘quick’ shower doubled in length.

After I got her dried off and dressed we went back into the bathroom so I could dry my hair. She explored under the sink like she always does and brought out her favorite bottle of nail polish like she always does and as I was plugging in the hair dryer she dropped the nail polish like she always does. Only this time when it hit the ceramic tiles it broke in half sending burgandy red liquid splashing up onto my new jeans and coating the entire top (and bottom as it all ran between my toes) of my foot. We both froze, looking at the scene on the floor and then we looked at each other and we both cracked up laughing. I told her she just found a very efficient (albeit messy) way to paint all of my toenails at once.

She sat patiently on the bathroom rug with her ankles crossed and her hands in her lap while she watched me clean it all up. Luckily I had nail polish remover close at hand, unfortunately it couldn’t do much for all of the polish that had worked it’s way into the white grout between the tiles. Now we have pink grout in the bathroom. Yay!

As you’ve probably guessed, I never did managed to get back to work and since it was such a beautiful day I took Aubrey outside to play in the yard.
















1 Response to “Soggy socks and nail polish”

  1. 1 Carolyn
    April 10, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    Only one more week till I get to see that precious child!!! Yippee!!

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