Haven’t posted in a while

Last night I had a creative impulse that I get sometimes and decided to pull out my box of beads to see if there was anything I just had to make. I hadn’t been through the box in a while so I wasn’t sure what was in it but I came across a bracelet I had made several years ago. It isn’t anything fancy, just fat, shiny, maroon colored fake pearls on a clear elastic string. Since I knew she couldn’t swallow it, I decided to give it to Aubrey to keep her busy while I looked through the rest of the loose beads.

It turns out my little girl is quite the princess. She instinctivly knew just what I and given her and what to do with it. She scrunched her fingers together and slid the bracelet over her hand. She held her hand up to prevent it from sliding off and she proudly showed me her very own “pretty.” Well that wasn’t enough for my girly girl. She then climbed onto her musical chair, stood up, started the music and proceeded to dance the night away waving her bracelet adorned arm around in the air. It was beyond adorable. I tried to get some video of it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch the whole thing because not only does she love her “pretties” but she is an uber-ham and can’t resist going for the camera whenever she sees it in Mom’s hands.

I will post it tomorrow if I can remember. It seems like I’m being stretched in so many different directions lately that I’m lucky I remember what foot each shoe goes on.

In the meantime, here is something that you might enjoy. I laughed so hard I almost cried. I would suggest headphones though if you are at work or there are small children around as the audio is NSFW.


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