Child abuse?

Aubrey doesn’t normally take her first nap of the day until around 11am. However, on Saturday morning she was exceptionally tired for some reason and she went from ‘happy’ to ‘nuclear meltdown’ in the blink of an eye.

We spent the weekend playing with her new toys she got for Christmas and hanging out in the basement doing absolutely nothing. (It was wonderful!)

So Saturday morning Aubrey decided she wanted to play with her walker which was not new but hadn’t been played with in a while. She was having fun, but very quickly her exhaustion started getting the better of her. She is pretty good about cruising around furniture and other stationary objects, but she does not have enough coordination and strength to keep the walker under her yet. The walker kept getting too far ahead of her and she would fall to her knees. Eventually she decided that was a much safer and more efficient way to travel. Unfortunately she hasn’t mastered turning and took personal offense to the fact that the couch, wall and stairs were getting in her way. It all became too much for her and I couldn’t help but catch it on video. It looks like Brandon and I are forcing her to play with this toy. Wow we are so mean. It was just too funny.

Here is just a fun video of Aubrey talking and playing after lunch this weekend. She says Daddy all day long. “Mom” is still few and far between but just hearing her voice makes me smile, no matter what she is saying.


1 Response to “Child abuse?”

  1. December 30, 2008 at 3:01 pm

    oh wow, the walker videos are hilarious! Forcing her to have fun. She is getting so frustrated that she can’t do it!

    Skyler hasn’t figured it out either, but her problem is she stands at it and pushes, but forgets to move her feet, so I have to dive and catch her before she gets too spread out that she falls on her face!

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