More unbelievable news

Mother of the year.

What on earth is wrong with people?! I don’t understand what would posses a mother of three (that’s right THREE) children, to write “b*tch” on the forehead of her 9 year old child. At what point did she think, “It sure would be a good idea to write a derogatory word on my son’s forehead.”

She is a great mom. She makes it a family affair when she decides to inflict pain and humiliation on one of her children. According to the boy, not only has his mom hit him in the eye, struck him with a belt and snapped him with a towel, but she had her boyfriend hold the boy’s legs while she sat on his chest to write the words.

The mother claims it was all in fun and she did it while they were playing around.

Even if I gave her the benefit of the doubt and believed her, it is the job of the parent, THE ADULT, to dictate how far roughhousing goes. Parents are there to guide children and help them make good, responsible decisions. Parents are not supposed to be substitute friends who partake in every juvenile act their child does. And on the flip-side, if this was some sort of warped act of discipline, I don’t care how rambunctious, unruley or ‘evil spawn of Satan’ you think your child is, YOU DON’T WRITE PROFANITY ON THEM!


2 Responses to “More unbelievable news”

  1. December 12, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    I write “bitch” on my cat’s head sometimes. It’s all in good fun.

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