Family Roadtrip

Brandon’s cousin Jessie got married on Saturday the 25th in French Lick, Indiana. Now most people when their hear this name think one of two things, “Who the hell would name a town French Lick and where is it?” or “Larry Bird.” I fell into the first category. As it turns out, French Lick is a small town half way between two other small towns you’ve also probably never heard of and three hours south of Indianapolis. There are two giant hotel casino resorts there and for the life of me I can’t figure out how they stay in business. It is so far away from any major airports I can’t imagine anyone saying, “Honey, lets fly to Indianapolis for the weekend and drive more than 3 hours to a casino hotel in B.F.E.” On top of that, the town is so small that I’m not convinced there are enough people to work in the casino and be patrons. Maybe they gamble when their shift ends. All I know is that with the exception of “French Liquors” and the two giant hotels, no other businesses seemed to still be in business.

We left for Indiana on Wednesday night and by we I mean, Brandon, Aubrey, Brandon’s brother and his wife, their son Gavin and I all piled into a Suburban for an 8 hour drive across the Midwest. It was a bit cramped but all in all it wasn’t too bad. Aubs did awesome. She only woke up when we would stop for gas but after a few sucks on a bottle she was back to sleep. I managed to get a few naps in with my legs crammed against Aubrey’s car seat and my head pinned against the car door. Gavin and my sister-in-law Sarah passed out watching movies in the back seat and Brandon and Alan exchanged brotherly criticisms of each other’s driving abilities in the front seats.

We arrived at Brandon’s aunt and uncle’s house in Bargersville around 3:30am. Sarah and I had opted to stay in a hotel with the kids so we dropped the boys off and headed 20 minutes down the road to a hotel in Franklin. What an excellent idea! Turned out the boys ended up sleeping on couches so that meant Sarah, the kids and I would have been sleeping on the floor not to mention fighting for shower time in a house filled with 18 people.

Aubrey got to meet, for simplicity’s sake we’ll say cousin, Brody. He was born on April 8th and boy was he smitten with her! He loved to smile and reach for Aubs, but like any girl playing hard to get, she was too busy showing off her crawling abilities and pulling up on everything in sight to worry about some boy. Aubrey did start crawling on her hands and knees on Thursday! I freaked out when I looked down and there she was, crawling like you would imagine a baby should crawl. She doesn’t do it all the time yet but she is getting there. She and Brody took a nap together later that afternoon. Luckily Brandon’s Aunt Sherry got pictures of it. You can see how much bigger Brody is by the size of their heads!

Friday was spent driving down to French Lick and setting everything up for the wedding. Jessie and her husband Matt got married in the Red Barn at the Wilstem Guest Ranch which I guess is changing it’s name to The Ranch. It wasn’t your typical barn. It was gorgeous! I wish I had a picture of what it looked like after we got it all decorated but there was no room in the car for my camera equipment.

Aubs did great on the ride home too which I was expecting would be rough since we left in the morning. We got home in one piece, no one killed anyone else although it was touch and go for a while. We are all still speaking to each other so I would call the trip a success! Oh and Brandon only left one article of clothing behind not including a pair of black socks he lent his cousin for the wedding. Last time we went to Indiana he left his wallet so we’re getting better!


1 Response to “Family Roadtrip”

  1. 1 Carolyn
    October 29, 2008 at 10:06 am

    No surprise … I’m in the “Larry Bird” category. 😉

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