So much more active

Aubrey has always been a very alert baby but I can see her becoming even more so every day. She laughs a lot now. Phoebe simply has to walk by and Aubrey bursts into giggles.

She is also grabbing at everything within her reach. I can no longer safely eat with her on my lap because she attempts to drag the plate off of the table. She is also completely enthralled watching people eat.

Along with her growing curiosity about the world around her she is growing increasingly verbose. She practices sounds with different inflections and has found consonants are as fun to say as the vowels she found a few months ago. “L”s are fun to watch because she cups her tongue and thrusts it toward her lower lip, not quite out of her mouth, to achieve the sound. She has been combining her sounds and while I know the occasional “mom” is not intentional I like to pretend she knows what she is saying.

She also enjoys looking at other kids. She really enjoys ‘talking’ to her cousin Gavin. Here they are discussing how to properly play with her new jumper.

She is not picky who she practices talking with though. She will also hold conversations with inanimate objects like the little frog who hangs above the mirror on her jumper. A few weeks ago her favorite conversationalist was the light switch above her changing table, but now she prefers running her little hands over the back of her changing table to feel the smooth wood grain and coo about it. Aubrey and I would like to thank my Dad for making such a beautiful and smooth changing table for the top of her dresser!

And of course I have to have the obligatory sleeping photos because there is not much in this world as cute as a baby who is completely at peace. Especially when they have their favorite blanket to snuggle up with.


2 Responses to “So much more active”

  1. July 22, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    LOVE the sleeping photos! I don’t know how many times i go in Skyler’s room while she’s sleeping just to look at her! She’s quite the snuggler like Aubrey. Lately she’s into her stuffed animals. She has a giant stuffed dog that’s about 3 times her size and floppy, and she’s always laying on her side wrapped around it like Aubrey in the picture above!

  2. July 24, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    oh MY she is a darling. I love her science shirt. I love seeing little girls in dark colors…plus it’s just a rad shirt :).

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